Aesthetic Physique Training


One of the most difficult aspects of health and fitness, for many people, is simply not knowing what to do. There’s so much information out there, much of it confusing and contradictory, and who has time to read all that anyway? If you’re working hard at the gym and being disciplined about your diet, not getting the results you want is incredibly frustrating. Online training takes all the guesswork out of your nutrition, training and supplement routine – with complete confidence that you’re doing the right thing for your personal needs and goals, you can relax and focus on what really matters. The constant support, feedback and progress reports also ensure accountability and help you stay motivated.

For one thing, it’s a lot cheaper! And what’s more, you’ll get more for your money. You’ll be able to access all of our information and guidance on every aspect of the programmes – from recipes to fit your diet plan to tips on which sports supplements are worth it – whenever you want, rather than just asking for advice in one or two sessions a week. And of course, online training lets you join our online community, giving you unbeatable support and encouragement not only from trainers but from people around the world who are going through the programme just like you

Of course! We cater for both men and women, and our tailored programmes take account of the physiological and hormonal differences between the sexes when planning your personalised training.

Yes, all our programmes are personalised to your individual needs and goals, and this includes offering a vegetarian option in our nutrition plans. A vegetarian diet makes it more difficult but not impossible to eat enough protein when bodybuilding – many of our members are vegetarian and have still been able to achieve impressive results. All Muscle Anabolic Lab’s sports supplements are vegetarian and taking a supplement such as Potent Ultra Whey can help you meet your daily requirements of protein and other nutrients without eating meat.

When you sign up for Muscle Anabolic Lab training, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire giving detailed information about your current level of fitness, body composition, lifestyle, dietary restrictions and – most importantly – your personal training goals. This will help us create a programme optimised for your individual needs. As your training progresses and your fitness and body composition improve, your programme will evolve with you to ensure you never stand still but continue to constantly challenge yourself.

Our programmes are designed to optimise your training and nutrition and help you achieve your best possible results. Alcohol is a source of empty calories and has a number of negative health consequences, so unsurprisingly it doesn’t feature in our nutrition plans. That said, you can do whatever you want! The more closely you follow the programme, the better your results will be, but that doesn’t mean that any deviation will wipe out your progress. Whether you think drinking alcohol is worth the negative impact on your training is up to you.

In general, we wouldn’t advise it, since your training programme and diet plan have been designed to work in tandem and get you exactly the nutrition your body needs to perform at its best when following the prescribed workouts. If you need to do significantly more physical activity than set out in the programme, for example as part of your job or while playing a sport, we recommend contacting our team so that your diet plan can be modified accordingly.

You’ll need to be a member of a gym – our workouts require a variety of equipment, in order to give your body the varied and constantly changing physiological challenges that lead to muscle growth and improved physique. A few pieces of home gym equipment won’t be enough. However, you don’t need to spent a lot of money on a fancy gym with lots of hi-tech equipment. Any good-value gym with all the basics should have all the equipment you need.

Our aim is always to help you get the best results possible, as efficiently as possible. Because of this, we’ll sometimes recommend taking sports supplements which have been proven to be 100% safe and to help with common fitness goals like building muscle mass or improving endurance. It’s possible to make great progress with diet and exercise alone, and if you’re really opposed to taking supplements, you can tell us that in your questionnaire and we’ll design your programme accordingly. But, while they’re not essential, supplements can definitely help you reach your fitness goals more quickly!