Aesthetic Physique Training


Whatever your fitness goals – losing fat, gaining muscle, toning up, improving your strength and endurance, or simply feeling good in your body – we can help. Our online programmes combine varied workouts including everything from structured cardio and weightlifting to active rest sessions with detailed nutrition plans and supplement guides. All aspects are designed to work in tandem, so your nutrition will perfectly complement and support your workouts.

Everything is tailored to your current level of fitness, lifestyle, abilities and fitness goals, evolving to meet your changing needs as your training progresses and your body composition changes. Every individual is unique – physically and psychologically – and, rather than giving generic advice, we carefully design each individual programme to be just right for you.

You’ll get exclusive access to Muscle Anabolic Lab workouts, training videos, supplement guides, recipes and diet plans – all designed to meet your individual training needs, keep you motivated and maximise the results of all your hard work. All our programmes are carefully designed by experts to help you get in shape as fast as possible while still being achievable and realistic. With all the frustrating guesswork taken out of planning your training and nutrition, you can relax, enjoy your new lifestyle and focus on getting the most out of each and every workout.

Our online programmes are convenient and easy to fit into your lifestyle, no matter how busy it is! Our training videos are easy to follow, and focus on short, intense workouts which deliver maximum results with maximum efficiency. The programmes allow for flexibility about when you eat and work out so that training can fit around the rest of your life. They’re accessible wherever you are, from mobile devices as well as your computer, and you can tap into the knowledge and encouragement of our online community or contact our team with specific questions whenever you want.

Every day you’ll receive detailed instructions on training and nutrition, and you’ll be able to track your progress and connect with our community to help you stay motivated. Each week, our team will give you feedback on your diet, training and the progress you’ve made and help you continue to improve. Whether you want to lose fat, get ripped, tone up or improve your athletic performance, we will support you every step of the way on your health and fitness journey, to surpass all your own expectations and transform your body.

Aesthetic Physique Training

So What Can You Expect When You Sign Up?

  • First, you’ll fill out a comprehensive questionnaire giving us all the information we need about your current fitness level, body composition, lifestyle, current diet, dietary restrictions, and – most importantly – your personal fitness goals. Be ambitious! With our expert support, you can achieve truly amazing things.


  • After you sign up, we’ll create a personalised programme for you, including detailed plans for your workouts and nutrition and any supplements we recommend. We’ll send it to you by email within … days, and you’ll be able to access it on our website, along with lots more helpful resources!


  • As you follow the programme, you’ll receive a weekly meal plan, setting out the calorie intake and macronutrient split that will best match your workouts for that week. We recommend healthy, delicious recipes for you to cook and even provide a shopping list with everything you need to make them! You’ll also receive an email every morning with guidance on your training and nutrition for that day. On our website, you’ll find training videos taking you through the recommended workouts.


  • Every …, we’ll review your progress so far, discuss how you’re getting on with the programme and adjust your plans to help you keep making progress towards your goals.