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Muscle Gain & Fat Loss

We offer programmes for competitors at every level, from beginners to elite bodybuilders, to help you improve your physique and look your best on competition day.

Training & Nutrition

Even if you’re not interested in competing, Muscle Anabolic Lab can help you look and perform at your best every day with tailored training and nutrition guidance.

Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is absolutely fundamental to our programmes. We don’t ask you to go on silly crash diets – just to make sensible, sustainable changes that will benefit your health for the rest of your life. When you fill out your sign-up questionnaire, the information you provide about your current eating habits will help us to give tailored advice that addresses any specific issues you have. As you follow the programme, we’ll provide nutrition plans including target calorie intake and macronutrient splits which are carefully matched to your workout routine and support your long-term fitness goals. And we make following them straightforward, with delicious recipes to follow and even a shopping list so you can easily get everything you need!